Building Safer Communities Micro Grants


In 2023, the City of Hopkins provided funding to 10 people/programs that promote community safety and connectivity through Building Safer Communities Micro Grants. 

The micro grants were a one-time grant opportunity using funds allocated to the City from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

Grant Awardees

Ladybug Intersection

  • Recipient: Avenues Neighborhood Association
  • Amount of Funding: $500
  • Project Description: A neighborhood event in coordination with Avenues Neighborhood Association East. Involves painting a 50’ diameter ladybug at the intersection of 9th Avenue N and 2nd St North.

Ice Skating Lessons for BIPOC Residents

  • Recipient: Brownbody
  • Amount of Funding: $2,500
  • Project Description: Two weekend ice skating lesson sessions hosted by Brownbody as an introductory program for those new to ice skating.

Gatewood Elementary Bike Rodeo

  • Recipient: Jessica Winnie
  • Amount of Funding: $700
  • Project Description: A Bike Rodeo for students, families, and community members organized by Gatewood Elementary.

College Visits

  • Recipient: Hopkins Community Education
  • Amount of Funding: $500
  • Project Description: Hopkins Community Education and Hopkins High School will offer several college visit opportunities to Hopkins High School students and their families. The colleges they plan to visit include the University of Minnesota, Dunwoody College of Technology, Hennepin Technical College, and Normandale Community College.

Parent Advisory Councils

  • Recipient: Hopkins Community Education
  • Amount of Funding: $500
  • Project Description: Hopkins Community Education will create a Parent Advisory Council as a way of getting parents and families more engaged and connected to schools and community. The parent advisory council will take leadership in organizing and being responsible for coordinating and directing council activities. The microgrants will be offered as stipends to advisory council leaders.

Community Cinema Events

  • Recipient: Hopkins Community Cinema
  • Amount of Funding: $2,000
  • Project Description: Hopkins Community Cinema provides safe and enjoyable entertainment for families while promoting community engagement and public safety. In this project, HCC will provide more opportunities for connectedness by focusing on neighborhood parks and working strongly with BIPOC. HCC will also partner with more community organizations and expand their programs and websites providing residents with more interactive features and more opportunities to take part in the decision-making process. 

Postpartum Support for BIPOC Parents

  • Recipient: Parents of Color Support Group
  • Amount of Funding: $800
  • Project Description: This project aims to start a support group for new parents who identify as BIPOC. The goal is to get new parents in Hopkins connected and offer free postpartum support for communities of color.

Group Healing Discussions

  • Recipient: David J. Paurus
  • Amount of Funding: $500
  • Project Description: Group healing discussions with members of the community hosted by David J. Paurus. Discussions based on individual healing, personal growth, and open dialogue of diverse communities.

Race and Coffee

  • Recipient: Race and Coffee
  • Amount of Funding: $1,000
  • Project Description: Workshops aimed to promote community safety and connectivity through a diverse range of activities. This project offers a comprehensive approach to addressing multiple needs and interests in the community. Some themes explored in these workshops include family stability, healthiness, safety, joy, and mindfulness.

Winter Warm Wear Program

  • Recipient: ResourceWest
  • Amount of Funding: $1,000
  • Project Description: This program offers winter wear for the youth who either live in the Hopkins community or are enrolled in the Hopkins School District. ResourceWest will purchase additional winter items such as coats, gloves, and hats to respond to the increased participation of community members in this program.