Selling Your Home

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BEFORE any residential property in Hopkins is offered for sale, it must have a "Truth-In-Housing" evaluation. Evaluation reports must be on display at the property for all prospective buyers to view. 

Truth in Housing Evaluations are required for residential buildings with one, two, three or four dwelling units (including condos and townhouses). These evaluations provide prospective buyers with information about the condition of the house and garage, as well as help to eliminate any health and safety concerns in Hopkins neighborhoods. The report must be on display at the property for sale for all prospective buyers to view. Reports are valid for one year from the date of the evaluation and are non-transferable. A new evaluation must be conducted for each sale.City Code Section 20 Article II Truth in Housing (PDF)

View Truth in Housing reports and certificates

Closing the Sale

In order to close on the sale of your house, you must provide the buyer with a Certificate of Approval. This is issued after all repair/replace items on your Truth-in-Housing Disclosure Report have been corrected and re-inspected by the City of Hopkins inspector or arrangements have been made for their future correction by the buyer. Learn more about receiving your Certificate of Approval.

All pending orders, including all open permits, must be finalized and re-inspected by the City in order for the Truth in Sale of Housing Certificate of Approval or Rental License to be issued.

Please contact the Inspections Department to schedule a re-inspection or permit inspection at 952-548-6320 in order to obtain the Certificate of Approval for closing.


A Truth-in-Housing Evaluation Report is not required to the sale or conveyance:

  1. To a federal, state or local government unit. When the title is transferred to the first owner following construction.
  2. For one year from the date of the final certificate of inspection or certificate of occupancy of a newly constructed condominium, townhouse or any building or structure containing one, two, three or four units.
  3. From an owner to a relative. Relative is defined as husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother sister, grandson, granddaughter, grandfather or grandmother.

Cancelling Your Utilities

Once you’ve sold your home and are ready to move out, be sure to cancel your utilities (gas, telephone, electricity, etc.) by contacting each company that provides service to you.

To stop your water, garbage, and recycling services, call the City of Hopkins Utility Billing office at 952-548-6332 to schedule a final water meter reading. The City will finalize charges for all City services through the date of the final water meter reading and forward your final bill to your new address.

Contact the Assessor

If you sell your homesteaded property or change your primary residence, State law requires you to notify the City Assessor within 30 days. Fill out and submit the Notice of Move form (PDF).

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

This Truth in Housing Disclosure Report does not address the issue of lead-based paint and the potential hazards. The seller of the property is required by federal law to provide the buyer with a disclosure of information on lead-based paint hazards.