Yards & Gardens

Yard with Landscaping Work

Storm Water Grants Available To Some

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District is offering grants to residents and businesses in its watershed to construct rain gardens and install previous pavement or other features that infiltrate storm water runoff into the ground. Find more information about the grants at visit the Minnehaha Creek website.

Please remember that these projects will require a Right-of-Way and Utility Excavation Permit Application (PDF) from the City. For more information about required permits for your project, please Email City Engineer Eric Klingbeil or call 952-548-6357.

Building A Garden Shed

A building permit is not required if the shed is smaller than 200 square feet in area. Read more on the Building a Shed page.

Rent a Garden Plot

Not enough room in your yard for a garden? Rent a family garden plot at Valley Park, learn more on the Family Gardens page.

Recreational Fires

Before building your bonfire, make sure you read the requirements for recreational fires in Hopkins, view the Recreational Fires page for more information.

Garage Sales

If you are planning a garage sale, please be aware that City of Hopkins City Code 530.11 (PDF) limits residents to two garage sales per year with each sale not exceeding three days.

Garage Sale Signs

Please remember that posting signs on utility poles, light poles, traffic light poles, or stop sign poles on the public right-of-way, including boulevards and intersections, is strictly prohibited in the City of Hopkins.

City Code 800.03 (PDF) states unauthorized signs placed on public property will be removed and destroyed. Signs cannot be posted on private property without obtaining prior permission from the property owner.