Building a Shed

A shed is a one-story, detached accessory structure used for tools, storage, and similar uses.

Permits Required

A building permit is not required for a shed 200 square feet in area or less. (If the building exceeds 200 square feet, it should be treated as a new detached garage.)


All accessory structures must meet the following setback requirements:

  • 3 foot setback from rear and side yard property line
  • Cannot be in an easement
  • In most cases, cannot be in front yard
  • If closer than 5 feet from a property line, contact the Inspections Department for construction requirements


  • A concrete slab is not required.
  • The maximum height is 15 feet measured from the ground to mid-point of roof gable end.
  • Sheds must be anchored by attachment to a slab or in-ground anchors. All corners of the shed must be anchored.

Notice: This information is intended as a guide to the subject matter and is based in part on the 2015 Minnesota State Building Code and Hopkins City Ordinances. While every attempt has been made to insure the correctness of this information, no guarantees are made to its accuracy or completeness. Responsibility for compliance with applicable codes and ordinances falls on the owner or contractor. For specific questions regarding code requirements, refer to the Minnesota Building Code.