Emergency Notification System

Rave Mobile Safety Emergency Notification

When a crisis affects the City of Hopkins, Hopkins public safety officials must be able to reach residents instantly with warnings, information, and updates.

In order to ensure that residents can be contacted quickly and effectively, the City of Hopkins uses Rave Mobile Safety, which gives municipalities the ability to email, text and call thousands of residents, staff members, and volunteers within minutes.

Whether residents need to be informed of a water main break, snow emergency, evacuation, or other crisis, the Rave Mobile Safety emergency notification system will allow the City of Hopkins to send a message to every directory listing within a matter of minutes.


To add or update your contact information and ensure you will be included when a message is sent, fill out the Rave Mobile Safety enrollment form.

Residents can also download the Smart911 mobile app to sign-up for Rave. The Smart911 app provides enhanced functionality by sending targeted alerts based on the user’s location. Smart911 app users will receive the highest priority National Weather Service alerts, including tornado warnings, flash flood warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings based on their real-time location. Download the Smart911 App on the Apple Store or Google Play or by texting “Smart911” to 67283.