Fire Safety

Fire Safety in Apartments

The danger to occupants and the difficulty of fighting a fire is greater in a larger building, such as an apartment.

Fire Sign

Fires or Barbecues on Balconies

The City of Hopkins bans the use of barbecues on balconies or within 15 feet of a building that contains homes for multiple families. (See Hopkins City Code 905.03 (PDF))

This affects owners and residents of buildings that have three or more dwelling units. One and two family dwellings are exempt from this requirement.
The 15 foot distance requirement applies to all portions of the building, including attached garages. Stand alone garages and other structures that do not contain living units are not included in these requirements.

Listed electric or gas-fired barbecue grills that are permanently mounted and wired or plumbed to the building's gas supply or electrical system and that maintain a minimum clearance of 18 inches on all sides are exempt.

Fire Doors

The fire doors in buildings are there to protect your life and property. These doors keep a fire that is in the hallway or on another floor from blocking your escape or getting inside your apartment.

Because building stairways and hallways can act like chimneys, a fire travels quickly from one area to another until it is slowed down by a closed fire door.

The next time you find a fire door on your floor propped open, close it. The life you save may be your own. It is against the law to prop open a fire door.

Smoke Detectors in Individual Rental Units

The owner of the property being rented is legally responsible for the installation, maintenance, and record keeping of individual smoke detectors.

Smoking Related Fires

Smoking is the leading cause of fatal fires in Minnesota. Extinguishing a cigarette in a sturdy container filled with sand or water and installing working smoke alarms in your home are crucial. The video below shows how quickly and easily a smoking-related fire can start, spread, and turn deadly.

View Careless Smoking: A Tragedy Waiting to Happen