Resources for Residents

Public Education Videos for Community Risk Reduction

Community Risk Reduction has created a variety of educational videos on critical fire safety topics like smoke alarms, fire preparedness and accident prevention. The videos are available at

Topics include:

  • Why every home needs working smoke alarms
    Every home needs working smoke alarms now that families are spending more time at home. 
  • Where to put your smoke alarms
    Proper placement of smoke alarms keeps families safe.
  • What your smoke alarm sounds mean
    Do people in your community know what a smoke alarm sound means?
  • Proper smoke alarm maintenance
    Smoke alarm maintenance can be overlooked. 
  • What to do when there’s a fire
    Planning and practice make all the difference. 
  • How to prevent falls for older adults
    A busy household is a good reason to brush up on tips to prevent older adult falls.

Watch and share these videos with members of your community to inform and educate about these critical topics.