Hopkins Business Owner - Fire Inspections

Why Do I Need a Fire Inspection?

Most businesses do not survive a major fire. Fire inspections help reduce potential fires and incidents in the work place. Inspections help protect the public and patrons, the business owner, employees and neighboring businesses. They also allow firefighters to become familiar with their community and offer additional free services of the fire department to customers.

National Statistics

National statistics show that cities that inspect all commercial properties annually have less than half the numbers of large fires than cities that do not perform inspections. Although the Hopkins Fire Department does not get to inspect all properties each year, the practice of doing fire inspections lowers the risk.

Billing Program

The Fire Department has been inspecting local businesses for many years. These maintenance fire inspections have corrected many distinct hazards that could have started or contributed greatly to a fire or serious incident. A billing program was added in 1993 to help streamline the process. With this financial incentive, the Fire Department hopes to not only save time, but ensure that all businesses comply.

Great Results

The Fire Department has seen great results from these fire inspections; first a decrease in fires in businesses and secondly, less violation in occupancies as years pass.

How Much Will a Fire Inspection Cost?

After an inspection, you will receive a Fire Code Violation Notice from the Fire Department, along with any correction actions, if needed. The actual bill will come from the City of Hopkins. There will be a one-time charge of $60 for an inspection and a first re-inspection if needed. Each re-inspection will increase the bill by $60.


Inspection Fee
Inspection/Re-Inspection $60
2nd Re-Inspection $120
3rd Re-Inspection $180


If corrections are not made by the third re-inspection, you may receive a citation for up to $300 per violation. If corrections are not made by the 4th visit, your business may be closed down until corrections are made.

If there is something you do not understand about your inspection, you are encouraged to contact your Fire Inspector or the Fire Department.

Reduce Visits

You can reduce the number of visits by contacting the Fire Inspector prior to the re-inspection date. Do not wait to ask on the day of the re-inspection. Please call 952-548-6454.


The bill generally goes to the occupant since they are the responsible party for the fire code violations, not the building owner. A building owner customarily is issued a bill for a fire inspection of common areas or building service areas.


If there are any questions regarding the responsibility of certain violations, copies of the report will be sent to both the occupant and the owner, but only the occupant receives a bill.