Why Work For Us

Cars on Main Street of Hopkins

About Our Community

At the City of Hopkins our mission is to Inspire, Educate, Involve, and Communicate. Our vision is to create a spirit of community where all people feel safe and respected, diversity is celebrated, business growth is supported, and a vibrant downtown is maintained. 

With a population of over 19,000 and an area stretching across 4 square miles, the City of Hopkins is home to 15 community parks, 7 total schools, and 8,390 total housing units. Our community is unique in its demographics and make-up, with one of the highest walking and bike scores in the metropolitan area. The City takes pride in local businesses and unique areas such as the Hopkins Center for the Arts, Historical Society, Pavilion, Regional Trail, Nature areas and so much more.

Competitive Benefits Package

City of Hopkins employees receive a competitive benefits package. Benefits include:

  • Competitive & Equitable Pay (the City follows Pay Equity state laws and does market check-ins every five years to remain competitive).
  • Full time health insurance for employee, spouse and dependents (HSA options to allow you to save and invest when you are not using your insurance).
  • Pension Benefits (the City participates in Public Employee Retirement Association, PERA)
  • Generous vacation and holiday leave policy
  • Supportive family environment - The City has a Parenting leave (four weeks paid leave for employees who have been here one year) and Caregiver Leave (two weeks paid leave for taking care of eligible family.  Hopkins was the first City to offer Employer-paid classes at Amma Parenting Center (view flyer (PDF)). 
  • Established relationships with financial advisors allowing employees to contribute additional funds to deferred compensation plans
  • Ancillary benefits including:
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Short and long-term disability
    • Life insurance
    • Accident insurance, critical illness and additional hospital coverage and
    • Contributions to the Minnesota State Retirement System Health Care Savings Plan and the Minnesota State Pension, PERA.

Employee Engagement

The City of Hopkins has a self-funded Employee Engagement group, allowing employees to connect through various events and programming, including:

  • Employee BBQs/Picnics
  • Lawn bowling
  • Family Events
  • Walking challenges
  • And more!

Inviting Office Environment 

In 2019, Hopkins City Hall underwent a much-needed renovation to reflect the changing dynamics of today's workplace. Upgrades include: 

  • Open floor plan
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Large meeting and conference rooms with access to latest technology
  • Sit/Stand Desks
  • Employee Wellness Room with two treadmill desks
  • Quiet Room with sink and mini fridge great for nursing mothers
  • Employee breakroom 
  • Natural lighting
  • Outdoor workspace
  • Water bottle filling stations throughout the building

Award Winning

In 2021, the City of Hopkins was named one of six "Best Places to Work in Local Government" by the Engaging Local Government Leaders, an international association focused on all levels of local government.

Read why the City of Hopkins was selected to receive the award on the ELGL website.

Employee Testimonials

Here are what current employees have to say about working for the City:

  • “My professional experience is respected, and I am not micro managed.”
  • “I feel valued in my job.”
  • “Nicest co-workers I’ve ever had, super team oriented environment.”
  • "Wonderful work environment within an equally wonderful community."

In a recent internal survey:

  • 92% of our employees say they feel encouraged to share knowledge, resources, and ideas with their team.
  • 90% of our employees say managers support and encourage employee growth.
  • 83% of our employees say they feel proud to be associated with the City of Hopkins.
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