Will I get billed every time my fire alarm system goes off?

No. The intent of the policy is not to bill property owners for false alarms. We want to cut down on the number of false alarms.

You will not be billed for:

  • The first three fire alarms within the first 90 days of activating a new fire alarm system
  • The first false alarm of a calendar year
  • Burnt food
  • Non-chronic malicious false alarms
  • Storm and lightening related alarms (not chronic)
  • Trouble alarms mistaken for actual alarms by your tenants

You will be billed for:

  • System malfunctions (no reason for alarm found)
  • Alarms caused by servicing the alarm system
  • Alarms caused by dust, steam, paint fumes, or other maintenance related air borne particles
  • Chronic water problems (Sweating pipes)
  • Chronic lightening or storm related fire alarms
  • Power failure (this should not set off your fire alarm)
  • Any other problem that tends to repeat itself
  • Trouble alarms mistaken by your employees or alarm company for actual alarm

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