Why are we doing this?

Downtown Hopkins has long been considered a hidden gem within the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Historically there has been a feeling that we need a stronger visual connection to downtown Hopkins from Excelsior Boulevard; something that would announce the arrival at a special place.

The Southwest light rail Green Line Extension will include an LRT stop at the SE corner of Eighth Avenue and Excelsior Boulevard. With ridership projected at 26,000 riders per day, there is an opportunity to expand Mainstreet’s market area if those riders can be connected to downtown. Eighth Avenue is the logical place to build a strong visual and physical connection. The goal is to draw people into downtown Hopkins, as well as provide Hopkins’ residents with an easy walk to the LRT station.

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1. How can I get involved in the planning process?
2. How much will it cost to build?
3. What about the Downtown Station Plaza? Is that included in the Artery Project?
4. What is the Artery?
5. What is the Artery Experiment?
6. What is the timeline for the project?
7. Why are we doing this?
8. Will property owners along Eighth Avenue be assessed for the cost?