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National Night Out Registration and Street Closure

  1. National Night Out Registration and Street Closure
    This is the official Hopkins Police Department registration form for National Night Out
  2. First Year Participating?
  3. Will the neighborhood be participating in the food drive for ICA?
  4. Requesting a visit from:
  5. Street Closure
  6. Can an emergency vehicle get through if necessary?
  7. Please Read Carefully:
    The Minnesota Government Data Practice Act defines the registration information information you provide on this form as "private data." Private data is available to you but not to the public. Contact Person, Phone Number, and Address are private data. The information will be used by the Hopkins Police Department to assist with National Night Out events and will be available only to the Hopkins Police Department and the City of Hopkins. You may withhold this information, but doing so may limit your participation in National Night Out events. The Minnesota State Legislature has made the location of your National Night Out event Public Data and it will be released upon request.
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