{BP11} Living Streets

  • Create a network of multi-modal green streets

Actions Taken

Every year as part of street reconstruction projects, Hopkins documents the installation of trees, green stormwater infrastructure, and any utility renovations as needed. A resolution has been passed supporting a “Complete Streets” policy. View the Street Maintenance Page.

{BP12} Mobility Options

  • Promote active living and alternative to single-occupancy car travel

Actions Taken

The City has long realized the need to improve the connection between Excelsior Boulevard and Mainstreet for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The plan for a Southwest Light Rail Transit(LRT) station at 8th Avenue South and Excelsior Boulevard has underlined that need and identified an important goal of attracting transit riders to Downtown Hopkins. To learn more, visit the Southwest Light Rail Transit Page.

{BP13} Efficient City Fleets

  • Implement a city fleet investment, operations and maintenance plan

Actions Taken

Hopkins currently monitors the fuel usage and costs of the Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments. Monthly maintenance is scheduled on all city vehicles. Hopkins has bike police patrols, and bicycles are made available for City inspectors. There are two designated electric car permit stalls with electrical outlets located in the public downtown parking ramp. For more information, visit the Downtown Parking Page.

{BP14} Demand-Side Travel Planning

  • Use Travel Demand Management and Transit-Oriented Design

Actions Taken

The City provides incentives for the siting of higher density housing. The City requires higher-density housing around transit zones, which will provide residents easy access to transit. It also uses Travel Demand Management (TDM) to increase the number and proportion of people who share rides and who travel outside of rush hours.