Fenestrations (Windows & Doors)


To encourage large, open views into the commercial space enhancing the pedestrian experience by providing a visual connection to the use inside the building. On upper levels, windows should provide privacy while aesthetically and functionally serving the building.


The restoration or renovation of a storefront should attempt to return the façade to its original character. Preserve original materials or details and the shape and size of original window openings. Replace missing original elements such as transom windows.

On upper floors, the windows should be vertically oriented. Arched tops, columns framing the windows and decorative lintels are encouraged.


A minimum of 30% of the ground level façade and sides of buildings adjacent to public right of ways shall be transparent (windows and doors). A minimum of 15% of the building's rear façade facing a public right of way, parking area or open space shall be transparent. Reflective or glass tinted more than 40% is not allowed.

Fenestrations 1
Fenestrations 2
Fenestrations 3