Signs should be architecturally compatible with the style, composition, materials, colors and details of the building and with other signs on nearby buildings, while providing for adequate identification of the business.

Before erecting a sign in Hopkins, you must have a sign permit. Complete the online Sign Permit Application form, or print out the Sign Permit Application (PDF) and return with the appropriate permit fee to Hopkins City Hall.


Symbolic and historic three-dimensional signs such as barber shop poles and appropriately-sized projecting signs are encouraged. Signage should have the capability of being lit in the evening, although the source of light must not be visible to motorists or pedestrians.

Signs constructed of natural materials such as metal or wood are preferred. Permanently painted window signage is encouraged if compatible with the architecture of the building (see example). Painted window signs should not consume more than one-third of the glazed area of the window.

Neon signs are permitted on the exterior of the building and in display windows, if not covering more than one-third of the window surface area.


Internally illuminated signs (not including neon) are prohibited except for theater signage. Pylon and monument signage is prohibited on Mainstreet. Temporary window signage is limited to one-third of the window surface area. The combination of neon signage, permanently painted signage and temporary signage should not exceed a total of two-thirds of the window surface area.

Projecting signs must be no greater than 12 square feet and have a maximum width of three feet and cannot extend beyond the first floor of the building. No less than 10 feet of clearance shall be provided between the sidewalk elevation and the lowest point of the projecting sign. Maximum distance between sign and building face is one foot. Signs cannot block or obliterate design details, windows or cornices of the building upon which they are placed.

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