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The Depot Board members presented to the Hopkins City Council.
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Meet the Depot Board, a group of up to 15 students in 9th–12th grade and up to 5 adult board members over 18 years old. This collective group has an extensive list of duties pertaining to the Depot.

The Depot Board 2007-2008Their function includes:

The Board also has final approval and oversees various programs, positions, and organizational changes—operating much like a non-profit board. Each year, a new group is appointed or elects to stay on for another year.

Places on the Depot Board are available to everyone and are voted in by the current members. Experience youth leadership, free treats, and have fun at retreats. Apply today!

NEW! Depot Event Corps

The Depot Event Corps (DEC) focuses primarily on the implementing of Depot programming events such as concerts, tournaments, social events, etc. DECs are an integral part of Depot programming success and gives volunteers of many ages an opportunity to gain skills, work with youth, and have fun...Find out more »