Statewide Recognition

Three Hopkins Police Officers Receive Statewide Recognition

In 2006, three officers of the Hopkins Police Department received statewide recognition.

Minnesota Sex Crimes Association Recognition Recipient

On October 4, 2006 the Minnesota Sex Crimes Association recognized Sergeant Ray Laudenbach as the Investigator of the Year for 2006. Laudenbach was recognized for his efforts that lead to identification of a suspect wanted for two home invasion/sexual assault cases that occurred in 2001. Laudenbach not only identified the suspect in those cases but also helped identify him in other unsolved cases in two other states. That suspect is awaiting trial in Hennepin County as well as Wisconsin and Illinois. Laudenbach is the first Hopkins Police to be named Investigator of the Year.

Minnesota State Commendation Award Recipients

On October 12, 2006 Chief Mark Dunaski of the Minnesota State Patrol presented Sergeant Gordy Klingbeil and Officer Mark Kyllo the Minnesota State Patrol Commendation Award. The officers received this recognition for their efforts last year when a suicidal man attempted to jump off an overpass on Highway 169. Klingbeil and Kyllo responded to the scene to assist a state trooper. The suicidal man attempted to jump from the bridge and was grabbed by the trooper and Hopkins officers and pulled to safety. The action saved the man’s life and was undertaken at personal risk to the officers. The Minnesota State Patrol Commendation Award is the highest award presented by the Minnesota State Patrol to police officers from other departments.

Officer Mark Kyllo and Sgt. Gordy Klingbeil

Officer Mark Kyllo and Sergeant Gordy Klingbeil